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PC Games Dock Icons v2.5 by m-p-3 PC Games Dock Icons v2.5 by m-p-3
Version 2.5 - July 12th 2009
After almost a year, here is the new version of my dock icons!

Here is a list of games icons contained in the ZIP file that you can download (46,5MB, 312 PNGs)

They are also available at this location, if you want to download, see them separately, or sync them using Google Picasa: [link]

As always, I will gladfully accept requests, and I will try to process them as soon as I can (hopefully I won't do it in July 2010, sorry again!)

Age of Conan - Hyborian Adventures.png
Age of Empires II - The Age of Kings.png
Age of Empires III - The Asian Dynasties.png
Age of Empires III - The War Chiefs.png
Age of Empires III.png
Alone in the Dark.png
American McGee's Alice.png
Anarchy Online - Alien Invasion.png
Anarchy Online.png
ArmA - Combat Operations.png
ArmA II.png
Assassin's Creed.png
Batman - Arkham Asylum.png
Battlefield 1942.png
Battlefield 2.png
Battlefield 2142.png
Bejeweled Twist.png
Beyond Divinity.png
Bionic Commando.png
Black & White 2.png
Blitzkrieg 2.png
Brothers In Arms - Earned In Blood.png
Brothers In Arms - Road To Hill 30.png
Burnout Paradise - The Ultimate Box.png
Caesar IV.png
Call of Duty - World at War.png
Call of Duty 2.png
Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare.png
Call of Duty.png
Call of Juarez - Bound in Blood.png
Call of Juarez.png
Chronicles of Riddick - Assault on Dark Athena.png
Chronicles of Riddick - Escape from Butcher Bay.png
City of Heroes.png
City of Villains.png
Civilization IV - Warlords.png
Civilization IV.png
Command & Conquer - The First Decade.png
Command & Conquer 3 - Kane's Wrath.png
Command & Conquer 3 - Tiberium Wars.png
Company of Heroes.png
Counter-Strike - Condirion Zero.png
Counter-Strike Source.png
Crysis - Warhead.png
Dark Messiah Might and Magic.png
Day of Defeat Source.png
Dead Space.png
Deus Ex - Invisible War.png
Deus Ex.png
Devil May Cry 3 - Dante's Awakening.png
Devil May Cry 4.png
Diablo II - Lord of Destruction.png
Diablo II.png
Divine Divinity.png
Doom 3 - Resurrection of Evil.png
Doom 3.png
Dragon Age - Origin.png
Drakensang - The Dark Eye.png
Duke Nukem 3D.png
Dungeon Siege - Deluxe Edition.png
Elven Legacy.png
Empire - Total War.png
Empire Earth II.png
Empire Earth III.png
Empire Earth.png
Enemy Territory - Quake Wars.png
Eve Online.png
Fable - The Lost Chapters.png
Fallout 3.png
Far Cry 2.png
Far Cry.png
FEAR 2 - Project Origin.png
FEAR - Extraction Point.png
FEAR - Perseus Mandate.png
FIFA 07 Soccer.png
FIFA 08 Soccer.png
FIFA Soccer 09.png
Finding Nemo.png
FlatOut - Ultimate Carnage.png
FlatOut 2.png
Frontlines - Fuel of War.png
Gears of War.png
Ghost Recon - Advanced Warfighter.png
Ghost Recon 2 - Advanced Warfighter.png
GoldenEye Source.png
Gothic 3.png
Grand Theft Auto III.png
Grand Theft Auto IV.png
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.png
Ground Control II.png
Guild Wars.png
Guitar Hero - Aerosmith.png
Guitar Hero - World Tour.png
Guitar Hero III - Legends of Rock.png
Half-Life 2 - Episode One.png
Half-Life 2 - Episode Two.png
Half-Life 2.png
Halo - Combat Evolved.png
Halo 2.png
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.png
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.png
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.png
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.png
Hellgate London.png
Hitman - Blood Money.png
Hoyle Casino 2007.png
Ice Age - Dawn of the Dinosaurs.png
Indigo Prophecy.png
Kane & Lynch - Dead Men.png
Left 4 Dead.png
Lego Indiana Jones - The Original Adventures.png
Lego Star Wars II.png
Limbo of the Lost.png
Lost Planet - Extreme Condition.png
Madden NFL 07.png
Madden NFL 08.png
Mass Effect.png
Max Payne 2 - The Fall of Max Payne.png
Max Payne.png
Medal of Honor - Airborne.png
Medal of Honor - Pacific Assault.png
Mercenaries 2 - World in Flames.png
Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3 - Battle for Europe.png
Microsoft Flight Simulator X - Deluxe Edition.png
Microsoft Flight Simulator X.png
Mirror's Edge.png
NBA Live 07.png
NBA Live 08.png
Need for Speed - Carbon.png
Need for Speed - Most Wanted.png
Need for Speed - Pro Street.png
Need for Speed - Undercover.png
Neverwinter Nights - Diamond.png
Neverwinter Nights 2.png
Nexagon - Deathmatch.png
NHL 07.png
NHL 08.png
NHL 09.png
Overlord II.png
Penumbra - Black Plague.png
Penumbra - Overture.png
Penumbra - Requiem.png
Peter Jackson's King Kong.png
Phantasy Star - Universe.png
Pirates of the Burning Sea.png
Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End.png
Postal 2.png
Prince of Persia - The Sands of Time.png
Prince of Persia - The Two Thrones.png
Prince of Persia - Warrior Within.png
Prince of Persia.png
Pro Evolution Soccer 2008.png
Quake 4.png
Quake III.png
Quantum of Solace.png
Rainbow Six - Lockdown.png
Rainbow Six - Vegas 2.png
Raven Squad.png
Rayman - Raving Rabbids.png
Red Faction - Guerrilla.png
Reservoir Dogs.png
Resident Evil 4.png
Rise of the Argonauts.png
Roller Coaster Tycoon 2.png
Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 - Platinum.png
Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 - Soaked.png
Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 - Wild!.png
Rome Total War.png
Sacred 2 - Fallen Angel.png
Saints Row 2.png
Scarface - The World is Yours.png
Sega Rally.png
Serious Sam - The First Encounter.png
Serious Sam II.png
Shark Tale.png
Shattered Suns.png
Shaun White Snowboarding.png
Shellshock 2 - Blood Trails.png
Shrek the Third.png
Silent Hill - Homecoming.png
Silent Hill 2.png
Silent Hill 3.png
Silent Hill 4 - The Room.png
SiN Episodes - Emergence.png
Sins of a Solar Empire.png
Soldier of Fortune - Payback.png
Soldier of Fortune II - Double Helix.png
Soldier of Fortune.png
SpellForce - Shadow of the Phoenix.png
SpellForce - The Order of Dawn.png
SpellForce 2 - Shadow Wars.png
Spider-Man - Friend or Foe.png
Spider-Man 3.png
Splinter Cell - Chaos Theory.png
Splinter Cell - Conviction.png
Splinter Cell - Double Agent.png
Splinter Cell - Pandora Tomorrow.png
Spore - Creature Creator.png
Spore - Galactic Adventures.png
STALKER - Shadow of Chernobyl.png
Star Wars Battlefront II.png
Star Wars Battlefront.png
Star Wars Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy.png
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II.png
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic.png
Supreme Commander - Forged Alliance.png
Supreme Commander.png
SWAT 4 - The Stetchkov Syndicate.png
SWAT 4.png
Syberia II.png
Team Fortress 2.png
Terminator - Salvation.png
The Chronicles of Narnia - Prince Caspian.png
The Chronicles of Narnia - The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.png
The Elder Scrolls III - Morrowind.png
The Elder Scrolls IV - Knights of the Nine.png
The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion.png
The Elder Scrolls IV - Shivering Isles.png
The Incredibles.png
The Last Remnant.png
The Lord of the Rings - The Battle for Middle-Earth.png
The Lord of the Rings Online.png
The Matrix - Path of Neo.png
The Sims - Deluxe Edition.png
The Sims - Life Stories.png
The Sims 2 - Celebration! Stuff.png
The Sims 2 - Deluxe.png
The Sims 2 - Family Fun Stuff.png
The Sims 2 - Glamour Life Stuff.png
The Sims 2 - H&M Fashion Stuff.png
The Sims 2 - Holiday Edition.png
The Sims 2 - Nightlife.png
The Sims 2 - Pets.png
The Sims 2 - Seasons.png
The Sims 2 - University.png
The Sims 3.png
The Witcher - Enhanced Edition.png
The Witcher.png
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07.png
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08.png
Titan Quest - Immortal Throne.png
Titan Quest.png
Tomb Raider Anniversary.png
Tomb Raider Legend.png
Tomb Raider Underworld.png
Tony Hawk's Underground 2.png
Top Spin 2.png
Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen.png
Tribes 2.png
Tribes Vengeance.png
Unreal Gold.png
Unreal II - The Awakening.png
Unreal Tournament - Game of the Year Edition.png
Unreal Tournament 2004.png
Unreal Tournament 3.png
Unreal Tournament.png
Vampire the Masquerade - Bloodlines.png
Wanted - Weapons of Fate.png
Warhammer - Mark of Chaos - Battle March.png
Warhammer 40000 - Dawn of War II.png
Warhammer 40000 Dawn of War - Dark Crusade.png
Warhammer 40000 Dawn of War - Winter Assault.png
Warhammer 40000 Dawn of War.png
World in Conflict.png
World of Warcraft - The Burning Crusade.png
World of Warcraft - Wrath of the Lich King.png
World of Warcraft.png
X Blades.png
X-Men Origins - Wolverine Uncaged Edition.png
Zoo Tycoon - Complete Collection.png
Zoo Tycoon 2 - Marine Mania.png
Zoo Tycoon 2 - Zookeeper Collection.png
Zoo Tycoon 2.png
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o0Crofty0o Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This got removed from :iconxnalara-customized: since it isn't related to XNALara at all. =)
m-p-3 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Holy crap, I really need to get this updated!
bigcyco1 Featured By Owner May 10, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
very nice thanks man these are awesome!P.S. I submitted them to my group hope you don't mind.
Sinfrid Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2010  Student Digital Artist
fusiondub Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2009  Professional Interface Designer
nice! got modern warfare 2?
90210603 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2009
Thanks! Great icons, I couldn't imagine not having them ^_^
Also do you think you could make an icon for Resident Evil 5? It's pretty popular, I'm surprised you don't have it.
90210603 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2009
Pretty pweeze? D:
90210603 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2009
Okay, I took it upon myself to morph the Resident Evil 5 cover seamlessly over one of your existing cases and looks great. Only for personal use, of course, just on my dock. If you have any problems with this just tell me.

Xenosfer Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2009
Can you make a warcraft 3 and warcraft 3: the frozen throne icon? :DD!
Xenosfer Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2009
Wow, really impressing...
Can you make icons for Warcraft 3 too? :D
ZedoMann Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm not sure if they work amazingly or not amazingly for the Windows Vista Games Folder.
m-p-3 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good question, never tried it.
ZedoMann Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I hope you try my idea, I converted the PNGs to ICOs and put them on my Games Folder icons.
It looks good, I still need icons for the following:
Bejeweled Deluxe
Codename Gordon
Garry's Mod
Half-Life 2: Deathmatch
Half-Life 2: Lost Coast
Heavy Weapon Deluxe
Sam and Max 104: Abe Lincoln Must Die
TrackMania United Forever
Xcom Apocalypse
Xcom Interceptor
m-p-3 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Added them on my ToDo list, I'll get into it whenever I have some spare time :)
ZedoMann Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Perhaps if you made a version with ICO files. And the ICO files smaller version for the menu would just be the normal game Icon.
ZedoMann Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm gonna use them anyway and will post requests for what I still need after I get done.
RipperLord Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2009
Yay, awesome icons! I'm watching you now :ninja:
Bradmmm Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2009
Great icons, once again.

I have another request, besides my previous ones (half life 1 and the two expansions, and worms: armageddon) - I also have a request for "Killing Floor"
m-p-3 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm adding this on my ToDo list, hopefully I should do them this sunday on put them on my Google Picasa page so you can get them separately without downloading another huge ZIP archive..

When I'll have a bigger amount of new icons, I'll put an updated ZIP archive on dA.
Bradmmm Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2009
Thanks. I'll make sure to keep checking that page.

And expect more requests from me hehe i love your work! Keep it up.
m-p-3 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I uploaded the following icons to Picasa
Half-Life: Blue Shift
Half-Life: Opposing Force
Killing Floor
Worms Armageddon

I sorted the album alphabetically to ease the search.
Bradmmm Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2009
Thank you very much!
grafagoggel Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2009
heyo... is der coming a update?

That would be wunderful
onelifecrisis Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2009
Superb! Thanks very much. Also, I'd like to request an icon for F.E.A.R. 2...
benjamenzeto Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2009
que lindo
Rakenesh Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Amazing work man, nice job :D
TheRealBlack Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2008
Possibly a Left 4 Dead icon? That would make my day.
Waltzing-Mouse Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2008   Interface Designer
You are brilliant. Thank you SO much.
EliteMasterChief Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2008
amazing work dude!
helikos Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2008
Nice work!!!
I finally found an Anarchy Online icon that I like. How did you make them?
Dr-Bee Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2008  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Phenominal job building this list. Is it possible for you to make just a couple more for me. I'm looking for devil may cry 4, silent hill 4, front lines fuels of war, mercenaries 2, and guitar hero 3? Thanks a ton :)
NicolaiRD Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2008
CS 1.6 missing :'(
NeNeMaLo Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Thx!!! Love this pack
xpgx1 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2008
First of all - kudos for that bulk of work. Did you all of the files with photoshop batch or every single file alone? Wow, great work!

However, it would be nice to have 1701 A.D (Anno 1701 here in germany) and some legacy stuff like a "cover" for steam in general etc. But still - this package is by far the most useable, enjoyable and most complete of all i've found :D Keep up the great work!
m-p-3 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't process them in batch, I made them by hand using some transform functions under Photoshop, this double up as a quality check at the same time. I might consider using Artweaver eventually as I am not rich enough to purchase my own license of Photoshop (I'm using my employer's corporate license right now)
jazzurected Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2008   Digital Artist
NICE!!!!!! =) =) =) =)
jazzurected Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2008   Digital Artist
IMO best icons ever!! .. I <3 them =) =)
Could u make the Archlord icon PLZ ? :)
freeloader105 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2008
nice work!
MoroNoKimi Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2008
TitanQuest Immortal Throne would be nice.
m-p-3 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm almost done updating the new version of the Dock Icons, still about 5 or 6 games missing and I'll post.
gr8ak1 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2008
I just signed up to tell u all that u can quickly create your own similar one for any game using powerpoint 2007 just keep tweaking the bevel, rotate options until u get it right and then use that as a template ;)
m-p-3 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I prefer to use Photoshop, the resizing algorithm is much more efficient and will looking than PowerPoint.
RaiderXXX Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2008
Awesome pack, and thanks for including Alice!
jahivan Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2008
Hi broh!! excellent work.. i need PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2008, GEARS OF WAR, MADDEN 08 AND TIME SHIFT. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!, ASSASSINS CREED TOO.. BTW!!!

Shao-Feng-Li Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2008
These are awesome.

Need icons for:

Anarchy Online and Syberia I and II,
DrAlcohol Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2007   Digital Artist
Hey, sweet icons. Could you make me an Oblivion, Painkiller, Spider man Friend or Foe, Crysis and a Soldat one? Thanks in advance.
winonempty Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2007
elitesurfer Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2007
Love ur iconz..
Here are some I used in my desktop. [link]
Too bad u don'y have NFS Carbon. I used Most Wanted instead. :p
nehit03 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2007
Great Icons.. MY game folder now looks great Thanks...
kmkarim Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2007
hey, is it possible to make a world in conflict button?
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